“I Am So Sorry, As An American, And As An American Citizen”

by John Hawkins | September 13, 2007 9:45 am

A weepy, anti-American post by Joseph Palermo over at the Huffington Post caught my eye.

Here’s an excerpt[1],

I Am So Sorry

Not to belittle or downplay the suffering of the Vietnamese people under the U.S. assault from 1965 to 1975, or the Chilean people who had to endure 17 years of illegitimate and brutal dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet, or the Iranians who suffered under the U.S.-backed regime of Shah Reza Pahlavi, or the people of Guatemala and Nicaragua and El Salvador — but I must say: the invasion, occupation, and seizing of Iraq, to serve the narrow interests of the oil conglomerates and Halliburton, marks the lowest point ever reached in the history of American foreign relations.

I am so sorry, as an American, and as an American citizen — I am so sorry, to the people of Iraq, that my government has attacked and victimized you in such a barbaric, illegal, and illegitimate way — based on lies and deceit.

To the people of Iraq, and the people of the Arab world generally, I speak only for myself as an individual, a citizen of the world, if not the United States.

…I am fully cognizant that I live in an empire and benefit thereby . . .

…I can never accept the idea that I am blameless — for I consume the products, enjoy the lifestyle, reap the benefits of this unjust system — but that was an accident of birth — my father was a house painter, a tradesman, my grandfather was a poor man from Calabria, Italy.

The suffering of your people — your women and children — weighs heavily on my heart — I will continue to do what I can to stop the bloodshed. But we cannot control the Imperium — it acts on its own accord, with its own motives and means — violent means. It controls us.

Please forgive us for we know not what we do.

I am so sorry.

You gotta love these leftists who despise America and talk about how ashamed they are of this country and then they live here their entire life. Remember, Palermo, Canada, Belgium, and Germany are still accepting mopey liberal losers who want a change of venue!

Let me also add, that I am proud of what we’ve done in Iraq. We went into a foreign country, disposed of a merciless dictator, and have sacrificed our blood and treasure trying to insure that nation will remain free after we leave. That’s admirable, that’s noble, that’s something few other countries throughout history have been willing to do.

Moreover, the United States has done more good for the world and provided more opportunities for its own citizenry than any other dozen nations combined.

Americans have nothing to apologize for in Iraq and if anything, this would be a much better world if there were many more nations like the United States. This is a great nation, we are a great people, we have a great culture, and more Americans and people around the world should be willing to admit that.

  1. excerpt: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-a-palermo/i-am-so-sorry_b_64205.html

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