I Get Emails: How Could John McCain Possibly Win?

by John Hawkins | January 18, 2008 6:44 am

An email I received yesterday,


As a Conservative, you have to be questioning why McLame is getting these poll numbers. This doesn’t make sense to me especially what he put us trough with old fat Kennedy this past summer on the immigration nightmare.

I just don’t believe these polls. Any real Republican would never vote for McLame. Something stinks….something is not right….and you of all people should be slamming him all over the place.

I really want to know where this is coming from…….because I think we are being manipulated by fake poll numbers…….the MSM and these pollsters want a McLame vs Clinton…

First of all, I haven’t been soft on McCain. Take a look at my Townhall column from earlier this week, A Conservative Nightmare: Republican Nominee, John McCain[1].

Then there’s this video,

As to how John McCain could be back in the thick of it, it all comes down to the fact that somebody has to win.

There are 5 viable candidates.

Fred is the obvious conservative choice, but his campaign hasn’t caught fire and either he has to turn in an outstanding performance in South Carolina on Saturday or his campaign may not survive the week-end.

If Fred can’t make it work, then we’re left with 4 candidates with more weaknesses than strengths.

Rudy is pro-amnesty, pro-abortion, and generally has more in common with pro-war Democrats like Christopher Hitchens and Joe Lieberman than he does with conservatives.

I’m of the opinion that Huckabee is more conservative and electable than people give him credit for, but he relies too heavily on religious rhetoric, has been mistake prone, has an incredibly unorganized campaign, and has allowed an adversarial relationship to develop with the conservative media.

Then there’s Romney, a flip-flopper who essentially just tells people whatever they want to hear. He’s also almost certain to lose in a general election. We’re talking about a guy who turns states that Huckabee and McCain win by 20 points into toss-ups.

Last but not least, there’s John McCain.

Is John McCain the candidate I’d like to see as the nominee if Fred doesn’t work out? No, if Fred goes out, it will be a “pick your poison” situation and it’s easy to see how Republicans could decide to go with McCain. That doesn’t mean he will win, but it does mean that he very well could.

  1. A Conservative Nightmare: Republican Nominee, John McCain: http://townhall.com/columnists/JohnHawkins/2008/01/14/a_conservative_nightmare_republican_nominee,_john_mccain

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