I Get Emails: Look Out! McCain’s Daughter Is A Muslim!

Sometimes the email I get is so stupid that it’s post-worthy and the one you’re about to read is one such classically moronic missive. What you’re about to read was blasted out to a wide variety of bloggers on the Left and Right,


“Bridget” McCain whom the McCain’s adopted from the Islamic nation of Bangladesh (which is exclusively 95% Muslim) is one of McCain’s daughters!

Does this not contradict with McCain’s views on radical Islamic extremism?

What other hypocrisies will come to fruition during this campaign from the McCain household?

I have no idea whether Bridget McCain is a Muslim or why adopting her would “contradict with McCain’s views on radical Islamic extremism,” but I assume that since John and Cindy McCain adopted Bridget when she was 10 weeks old, they raised her as a Christian.

Either way, what difference does it make what religion McCain’s daughter happens to practice?

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