I Get Emails: You’re Part Of Rove’s Clinton/Bush Conspiracy!

The The Top 8 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is a Weaker Candidate Than People Think column I wrote for Human Events inspired at least one…uh, let’s call it a creative response that was just forwarded over to me today. Enjoy the paranoia from one Mr. Timothy Willis:

“Last month it was “Can she be stopped?” This month the theme is “She doesn’t have a chance.” To paraphrase my hero Lou Dobbs, “Do the Republicans take us for fools?” Such a thematic approach by several Republican commentators can be no coincidence. This is all part of an organized set-up. Factor in the recents radio ads which suggest drafing the war Condelezza Rice for president. and its clear that it all part of a Karl Rove-organized scam!

If Hillary Clinton was a weak canidate, then you and the rest would not be writing such articles that are so obviously in lockstep. Hillary Clinton will win because she is a strong canidate and because the Bushes and the Clintons have struck a deal. Am I to believe that Bill Clinton and Big Daddy Bush just happened to become close? BULLSH*T!!!

It not blood, but betrayal that runs in the veins of the Bush family. They delight in the act of betrayal and are loyal to no one.Republicans like yourself are just suckers to be used and then discarded after you have outlived your short lifespan as a useful idiot.

The Bush family has managed to scam the American people beyond their wildest dreams, but there is a catch. In two-and-a-half years George W. Bush will leave office and the next president will not be a member of the Bush family. The most important thing from the point-of-view of the Bush family is to stop or slow down any investigations that will occur under a successive administration. The best way to do this is by throwing their support, even if quietly behind the scenes, of the successor of George W. Bush. Make no mistake, a deal has been struck and Hillary Clinton will be receiving endorsement and support from sources that will make both Democrats and Republicans shake their heads in disbelief.”

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