I like guns. (Plus, my hilarious anti-gun hate mail)

Yeah, that’s me on the right.

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case against Chicago’s gun ban this week. Therefore, we can expect lots of hysteria from know-nothing anti-gun crusaders who get all their facts from Michael Moore documentaries.

I’ve written about gun rights–here and here. The hate mail I generated from these columns was hostile, malicious…and hilarious. Therefore, I’d like to share with you a few highlights from my inbox over the years.

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Deep thoughts from an OU genius (I accidentally deleted the message, but I reprinted it in my book, because she managed to include some feminist drivel in her anti-gun hate mail):
“You are an idiot. Guns dont kill people people with guns kill people. DUH. Pretty obvious there…quit your stripper job.”(That was profound. I think the Supreme Court should use this analysis in their official opinion.)

From an OU student, Sally Neidhard (“I’m afraid of teh gunz, therefore they should be illegal!”): Secondly, your idea of giving every young woman who needs to walk around at night a gun, terrifies me. There are plenty of women that I know who wouldn’t feel safe with a gun…you are ignorant and immature…If you would like to express your personal opinions about gun control and other
political issues, it is your right to do so.” (It’s always so cute when liberals reluctantly concede that I have a right to free speech. How generous of them!)

Yet another half-wit hysteric, Katie Lewis, whose counter-argument was that my column made her blood pressure rise. (This one is too priceless to excerpt here. You have to click on the link.)

But the prize goes to this guy, who is apparently anti-gun and made his point by copy-pasting one of my columns, inserting different words, and submitting it to The Post–although I’m not really sure, because his cut-and-paste job is so poorly written.

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