I Want To Ride My Bicycle How I Like

by Melissa Clouthier | July 17, 2008 11:59 am

Another dude, and his team, gets the boot from competing[1] in the Tour because he tests positive for EPO[2]. Says the manager:

The team manager, Claudio Corti, said: “We’re absolutely stunned by what’s happening and by the behaviour of one of our riders. He seems to have secretly used banned substances, hiding everything from everybody in the team.”

Oh, puhleeeze. Does anyone believe that?

It seems like the time of drug free competition ended some time back in the 70s when Eastern European “women” looked like Arnold Schwartzenager. In fact, I think Arnold is really a woman….a really buff woman.

Too much time and effort go into testing these yahoos. If people want to kill themselves to ride their bicycle faster, I say more power to them. What say you?

Professional athletes should:
NOT be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs.
use whatever they can to get a competitive advantage.
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