In Defense Of The Flypaper Theory

Yesterday, all across the left side of the blogosphere, willfully ignorant liberal bloggers were seizing upon the attacks in London as evidence that the “flypaper theory” is bogus — which just goes to show what a poor grasp of foreign policy issues they have.

Nobody has ever claimed that fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq makes the whole western world perfectly safe or that we’re now invulnerable to terrorist attacks.

Instead, the whole premise behind the “flypaper theory” is that the more blood and treasure that Al-Qaeda spends in Iraq, the less they’ll have to use in attacks against the US and our allies. Al-Qaeda does not have unlimited resources & it’s to our advantage to see them used against Coalition and Iraqi forces rather than buses and airplanes full of civilians in the West. Were it not for the conflict in Iraq, all the suicide bombers, money, and manpower Al-Qaeda is using there would be free to go elsewhere…for example to London, New York, Rome, LA, Canberra, & Chicago among other cities.

This shouldn’t be such a difficult concept to get a handle on, even for anti-war liberals…

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