Insane: New York Times Sells False Meme of ‘Reasonable’ Stewart-Colbert Rally

by Donald Douglas | October 31, 2010 12:58 am

Folks at the fish wrap of record really do need to get out more. See, “At Rally, Thousands – Billions? – Respond[1]” (at Memeorandum[2]).


The unwavering message is that the Stewart “Rally for Sanity” was uniquely reasonable, ” a political event like no other.” I wasn’t there. But I’ve live-blogged this event all day, and I’ve gotten lots of information from folks who were on the ground[4], and obviously NYT has airbrushed the rowdier elements out of their “Rally for Sanity[5]” coverage.

Especially interesting is the Times‘ total disregard for the Cat Stevens controversy. And the Los Angeles Times is no better: “Thousands descend on National Mall for Stewart’s and Colbert’s ‘Sanity’ rally[6].” I’ve noted this a couple of times already, but some big guns are picking up the story, and it’s clear that Jon Stewart badly miscalculated by inviting Yusuf Islam to the event. See Ed Morrissey, for example, “Fatwa-endorsing singer featured at “Restoring Sanity” rally?[7]

It’s all over the place. But it’s a pre-election weekend, and we’ll hear more chatter about the wonderful Stewart-Colbert “moderation” on the Sunday talk shows. Not discussed will be the super well-represented profanity, misogyny, vulgarity, and leftist death-wishing to conservatives[8].

No, that wouldn’t fit the narrative too well.


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