Introducing Slatecard

by John Hawkins | October 8, 2007 5:58 am

Last year, I created and led Rightroots, a group of bloggers who raised money for Republican candidates in the 2008 election cycle. In roughly three months time, we raised more than $275,000 for conservative candidates. That’s not bad considering how lousy the election cycle was for Republicans, the limited technology we had to work with at the time, and that our effort was the first big fund raising push put together by conservative bloggers.

However, we now have the next generation of online fund raising for the GOP online and it’s called: Slatecard[1].

With Slatecard[1], conservatives don’t have to rely on a group of bloggers together to select the best candidates for the masses to support because anybody can put together their own slate.

You want to support and promote nothing but primary challengers to RINOs? Awesome! Create a Slatecard[1] that does just that.

Do you want to create a list of Republicans running in competitive races in your home state? Fantastic. You can do exactly that at Slatecard[1].

Are you a blogger who is extremely concerned about illegal immigration? Great! You can create a Slatecard[1] filled with candidates whom you agree with on that issue for your readers to support.

What Slatecard[1] does is allow any American to raise money for the Republican candidates of his choice and promote the list to his friends, family, listeners, or readers.

With that in mind, I would strongly encourage you to chip in some money to the candidates on the Right Wing News Starter Slatecard[2] and create a Slatecard[1] of your own.

PS: Because I strongly believe in what Slatecard[1] is doing, I have agreed to serve on their Board of Directors[3].

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