“Ironically, doing nothing, as Democrats would prefer, is certain to end entitlement programs as we know them…”

“…and in the process, beneficiaries would face painful cuts to these programs.”

That’s a point Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Awesome) made in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last month. It’s also a point I wish he would have made in this “debate” with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Headinthesand):

Hat tip to Smitty for the video.

By ignoring the entitlement monster, Democrats (and toothless Republicans) are only guaranteeing that it will get worse. In the absence of…oh, let’s say it will only take healthy economic growth, although given the governmental drive to create new, bigger entitlements, it probably won’t be. Regardless: absent lots and lots of growth, entitlements will eventually overwhelm the budget.

But never mind that. Wasserman-Schultz and her party would rather demagogue the issue than face it. More votes that way.

And one more thing. As columnist Star Parker put it years ago:

If Social Security did not exist, and we attempted to enact today a system like we currently have, would it pass? The answer is unquestionably no. There is no way that any working American would agree to turn over to the government 12.4 percent of his or her paycheck in exchange for a benefit that has no guarantee, on which ownership has been relinquished and that is less than what could be obtained by buying risk-free government bonds. No way. Zero chance.

By the way: Ryan and Wasserman-Schultz may be the most attractive pair of political adversaries anywhere in the country, outside Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

(Posted by Lance “TrogloPundit” Burri)

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