Is Iran The Next Target On Israel’s List?

There are now claims that the kidnapped Israeli soldiers are being moved to Iran. Well, since the Israelis are already bombing everything that moves, have called up their reservists, and the Israeli people are prepared for an attack, why not go ahead and use the pretense to bomb the nuclear sites in Iran? Since diplomacy isn’t getting anywhere, isn’t now as good a time as any to bomb the Iranians?


Whether Israel will go ahead and take that next step probably depends on how far they think the Iranians are from getting nukes and what the Bush Administration is telling the Israelis behind the scenes about the chances of UN sanctions, but I think they deserve the full support of the United States if they launch an attack against Iran. That’s not just because Iran may end up with those captured soldiers, but because they pull Hizbollah’s strings and nuclear weapons in Iranian hands are a threat to Israel’s very existence.

Whatever happens, let’s hope Israel retrieves its kidnapped soldiers and inflicts great harm upon its enemies. Good luck and happy hunting to Israel in Lebanon, the Palestinian territories, and maybe even Iran…

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