Is This Really Appropriate Behavior For A College Professor?

It’s no surprise that a country as big as America has its share of wackos, commies, freaks, America haters, and other assorted losers. What is a surprise is that so many of them have been able to get jobs teaching college students over the years.

For example, consider Dr. Hiphappy, a “professor” at NC State AKA Thomas Hoban, a professor of sociology at NC State. Never heard of him? Me either, until I got an email this week-end pointing me to his website.

In order to learn a bit more about the good doctor, let’s see what he has to say about himself on his own website:

“I am also interested in spiritual mysticism and consider myself a shaman.”

“I am a Sociology Professor whose goal is to help create a new American revolution to take back control of our country.”

“In addition to my analysis of the sixties counterculture in the US, I am studying the sociological and anthropological research on the Rastafarian movement. I consider myself to be a Neo-Rasta and am working to spread that movement. I consider Bob Marley to be a spiritual master and musical mentor. As a result I am entitled to smoke ganjah as a sacred herb.”

Bob Marley said that the more a person smokes herb the more he or she becomes rasta. He also said that the more we all smoke the faster babylon will fall.

“As a college professor I try to guide young people. I need to warn the world about the dangers of alcohol and show how ganjah is a much better alternative.”

You’ve especially got to love that last one if you have a kid going to NC State. Yes, it’s every parents’ dream to send their child to college where a stoner professor will try to talk him into regularly using marijuana. Is this sort of thing OK with NC State? Do they have no problem with their professors actively promoting illegal drug use? Isn’t there just a point where you have to say, “It’s just not possible to have someone who freely admits to breaking our drug laws and encourages other people to do so as well teaching kids at a state supported university?”

Apparently not.

Update #1: NC State claims that they don’t condone student or faculty drug use. Did this guy get the message?

Also, just in case you’re not sure that it’s the same guy (because he looks like a psycho Santa Claus in the Dr. Hiphappy pic), he confirms on his other webpage:

Raleigh, NC – USA
Go to:

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