Islamic Bosnia: “It Began with a Lie”

by Pamela Oshry | July 5, 2007 8:17 pm

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Let me open your eyes to another hoax perped on an unsuspecting public.

Julia Gorin and Claudia Rosett[3]  are both extraordinary journalists breaking two of the most important and  explosive news stories in our young century (and certainly of our day.) They toiled relentlessly, singularly,  despite the derision of  the thumbsucking, lapdog media, agenda driven politicos and international hacks.  Rosett is clearly deserving of a Pulitzer in the mind numbing oil-for-food scandal[4] and Gorin did yeoman’s work in the he hoax perpetrated on all of us, Clinton’s military intervention on behalf of Muslims in Bosnia, paving the way for militant Islam. Al Qaeda’s Balkan Links[5].


Unlike Rosett, Gorin has met enormous reisitance and suffered the slings and arrows of those in our own camp in spite of the facts, "name your favorite conservative
pundit, your most trusted jihadwatcher, and in deconstructing the war on terror
and the danger of Islam and jihad, there is always, always one exception that he
or she will make: the Balkans. That’s where we give the Muslims the benefit of
the doubt, where world trends don’t apply, where Muslims don’t stage atrocities
or provoke military responses or use Western dupes; the area is suspended in its
own context, immune to the tactic of nationalism followed by separatism – which
we buy and then Americans die as that separatism morphs into Islamism.

Ending the Balkan Quagmire at American Thinker[6] Julia Gorin hat tip Larwyn

For the past eight years, I’ve been in a lonely place politically. I don’t mean the kind of lonely that conservatives generally find themselves in. I’m talking about utter desolation, for there are just as few conservatives as liberals where I’ve been. One of the only non-Serbian Americans to do so, I watched with steady interest for the better part of a decade the clockwork predictability of the fallout from our forgotten Kosovo intervention, a bombing campaign against an emerging post-Communist democracy rooted in Judeo-Christian values–on behalf of tribalistic, blood-code-following nominal Muslims claiming oppression and no less than genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Watching the Albanians
move on to terrorize Macedonia within a few months of our intervention
that would "contain" the conflict, and then watching Albanians
turn their weapons on NATO peacekeepers within
18 months, I wondered what it would take to get a national discussion going
about that huge, self-destructive debacle. What would it take to have the debate
that, it must be said despite my hobby of mocking Europeans, the German public
had in 2001 when it put its politicians’ feet to the fire after learning the
hoax that their country had been party to, thanks to a German documentary
unapologetically titled "
It Began with a Lie."
In sharp contrast to every other
cynically reported war, this time not only were our peacenik presses on board,
but conspicuously they didn’t try to ingratiate us to the enemy perspective by
letting us hear incessantly from the other side, as they’re otherwise fond of
doing. Something was off. Even the evolving "alternative media"-self-tasked with
policing the mainstream press and usually very wary of "facts" coming from the
mainstream media and of cause celebres–were either silent on this or on
precisely the same page as the New York Times, with its Sontag yentas for the
first time explaining the concept of "just war". I found that, aside from
Serbian-Americans (and Serbian-Canadians), who would later describe 1999 as a
surreality they observed as if outside themselves, the only other people who as
a group understood that our action meant something awful for the free world were
the Russian-Jewish community that I myself had come from-a cartoonishly
patriotic and capitalistic immigrant group with less than zero feeling for
"Mother Russia" (if we’re talking about the 70s and 80s wave).

Every now and again, a glimmer of
hope that the fraud would be revealed surfaced, first in March, 2000 with a
Washington Post article titled "
Was it a Mistake? We were Suckers for the
" and then in April,
2001, with a Toronto Sun article titled "
The Hoax that Started a War". Now, I thought, the story of the
a fabricated genocide and PR campaign
starting a war
finally "break."

But the silence persisted, and
none of the rare newspapers giving the occasional op-ed space to the dissenting
perspective was interested in actually investigating. Nothing changed in this
regard after the attacks of September 11th. Not even after a
Washington Times article titled "
Hijackers connected to Albanian terrorist
" came out a week after
9/11, reading: Read the whole thing here.[7]

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic wrote in his book Defeating Jihad,
"said that a goal in Bosnia was to mollify the Muslim world and to
counter any perception of an anti-Muslim bias regarding American
policies in Iraq in the period leading up to Gulf War I." Added
Trifkovic, "The result of years of policies thus inspired is a
terrorist base in the heart of Europe, a moral debacle, and the absence
of any positive payoff to the United States."

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UPDATE: Response
to Julia Gorin
(he’s still wrong in IMAO) His rant is sophmoric, unprofessional, and unworthy of true debate.

In recent months she has penned a
number of articles telling us all how she really, really hates Albanians. Why?
Because they’re Albanians, and you are supposed to really, really hate Albanians
if you are truly opposed to Islamic radicalism! And haven’t you heard of the
Albanian mafia? They are really, really bad people (apparently unlike those
fun-loving Russian mafia types).

See what I mean?

The Baron over at Gates of Vienna has great research on this as well;

The Albanian mafia is huge and now has a large Wahhabist component. The
Dardania Bank is now said to be controlled by Wahhabists. Most of the heroin in Northern Europe is supplied by Kosovar
Albanian gangs.

See this[15] and more recently here.[16]

He collected some of the source material into a single document, "The Kosovo
Connection" here
see this article here [17] – very interesting.

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