Isn’t This Another Great Reason To Build A Fence?

From USA Today,

“A U.S. plan to expand fences along the Mexican border to stem illegal immigration is an insult to all Latin Americans, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner said Tuesday during a visit to Mexico.

“It’s not just an insult to our sister nation of Mexico, but to all the nations of Latin America and all the nations of the world,” the leftist president said to the applause of Mexican lawmakers.”

That’s not a very flattering picture of the character of people in Latin America that he’s painting. In his view, not only are they criminals who are insulted because they can’t enter America illegally, but they’re arrogant criminals who think it’s their right to do so.

It’s like a burglar getting all offended that you’re putting locks on your doors. “How dare you keep me from coming into your house! What if I want to steal your TV or look through your drawers trying to find cash?”

PS: If people like Nestor Kirchner and the Mexican lawmakers who were applauding him spent more time trying to turn their countries into decent places to live so that their people wouldn’t have to “run for the border” and spent less time worrying about the US building a fence, everyone would be better off.

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