Israel and the Nazis Part

Israel and the Nazis Part 2: I’m hearing more and more people who are justifying the Palestinians terrorism by saying things like “Well, the Israelis have a powerful military and the Palestinians don’t. That means it’s ok for them to use terrorism.” That’s a foolish attitude to take for so many reasons.

First and foremost, the Israelis have been looking to sit down and negotiate peacefully to give the Pals a state for over 2 years and the Pals refuse. Two, if the Israelis decide to take the exact same position as the Palestinian terrorists are taking (i.e. civilians are fair game) then all the Palestinians in the occupied territories are dead men walking. In a way, the Palestinian terrorists are counting on the Israelis to be more moral than they are (i.e. the Israelis won’t just kill every civilian they can find like the terrorists).

The ultimate example of this “we’ve been wronged so anything we do is morally justified” attitude was Nazi Germany. Other nations took THEIR land after WW1. The treaty of Versailles WAS financially crippling for them. So does that justify them committing the Holocaust and trying to conquer the world? They obviously thought it did. That’s the problem with justifying terrorism in ANY circumstances. You want to justify terrorism for the Palestinians? Ok, then how do you condemn a group like ALF that burns down a bank because it loaned money to a McDonalds? How do you condemn someone who blows up an abortion clinic because they think abortion is murder? How do you condemn Osama Bin Laden arranging for 9/11 because he didn’t like the fact that we have a military base in Saudia Arabia? Once you start down that slippery slope of saying “terrorism is OK sometimes” it will never end….

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