It Sounds Like Somebody Is Angling For A Job With The Bloomberg Campaign

by John Hawkins | June 22, 2007 5:00 am

Dick Morris is a really brilliant guy about 75% of the time and the other 25% of the time, he spews some of the most ridiculous flippity flarpity floop I have ever heard. The key to getting the most out of Dick Morris is being able to tell which is which.

This statement[1] would fall into the latter category,

“As a social liberal and a fiscal conservative, (Michael Bloomberg) fits what most Americans want. And unlike Ross Perot — the last independent candidate for president — he is an experienced politician who has succeeded in handling the second toughest press corps in the world in New York City.

“If he ran, he would not just be a spoiler, but would have a serious chance of becoming president.”

So, what most Americans want in a President is a fiscal conservative who is socially liberal? Really? Well, if that’s the case, how do you explain the fact that there’s a candidate that fits that description that runs every single election — the Libertarian party’s presidential candidate — and typically, that candidate pulls in less than half a percent of the vote.

Bloomberg would have more money and would get more attention than the Libertarian candidate and so he would do better in the polls, but essentially, he would be a 2nd Democratic candidate in the race and his chances of winning, short of an unforeseen miracle, would be zero.

PS: This is a side issue, but most fiscal conservatives also tend to believe in small government and low tax rates. Bloomberg may have a rep as a fiscal conservative, but he is also a socialist nanny stater who raised taxes in NYC. So, if the guy were running as a Republican, his “fiscal conservative” credentials would be considered to be very suspect. In other words, we’re not exactly talking about Tom Coburn or Mike Pence on fiscal issues here.

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