It’s America’s Fault That It

by John Hawkins | August 15, 2002 5:06 pm

It’s America’s Fault That It Rained Today!: Across the world, no matter what happens, there’s always someone willing to blame America for it. Did your boss skip over you for that big promotion? It’s America’s fault! Did your son say a curse word? American culture must be influencing him! Did your 15 year old kid refuse to blow himself up on a bus in Israel? He’s been listening to Americans again (OK, this one only applies in Palestine). The latest thing the anti-Americans are blaming us for is…drumroll please…the weather.

After writing my latest editorial about the huge, thick, cloud ‘o’ death[1] that’s settled in over Asia, “diabolik ik” sent me an email to let me know that America was probably to blame…

“just a side-note: where pollution effects the environment and the source of the pollution can be very seperate places. For example, I live in a small Canadian city that due to its mining practices, produces 4% of the world’s pollution. We don’t notice it one bit. I mean, I see the smoke leave the stack, but that smoke passes overhead without doing anything except more acidic rain, that type of thing.. but the smog created in my city actually lands somewhere in europe or asia. Certainly, some sources of pollution are local, such as cars and smaller factories, but on a larger scale pollution created in my green little hometown affects the air quality worldwide. So in reply to your point about the US not being the problem yet environmentalists whine about it, look at pollution exports. That cloud o death in asia is probably half our smoke to begin with.”

So a “two-mile-thick cloud of pollution shrouding southern Asia” which is composed of “a toxic cocktail of ash, acids, aerosols and other particles” is probably “half ours.” The fact that this cloud this seems to have settled in over Asia for a long stay and that there’s no cloud over America means nothing. It still is probably “half our smoke.”

Then there are the floods that are happening in Europe. That was apparently caused by our refusal to sign Kyoto…

“Leftist politicians and environmentalists sought yesterday to link Europe’s worst floods in decades to U.S. reluctance to endorse the Continent’s approach to fighting global warming.

The target of their efforts was the Bush administration’s decision not to support the Kyoto protocol.

…Gallus Cadonau, the managing director of the Swiss Greina Foundation for the preservation of Alpine rivers and streams, urged that a punitive tariff on imports from the United States be imposed to force cooperation on greenhouse gas emissions.

“This definitely has to do with global warming. We must change something now,” he said. “Those nations that really are careless with the environment should have to compensate.”

Environmentalists have been claiming for years that the Kyoto Treaty was going to take care of global warming right? Well Kyoto met it’s target of getting nations that produce at least “55 % of the total carbon dioxide emissions” to join up didn’t it? If Kyoto is the answer, then isn’t the problem solved? Not when you can blame the United States…

Well they’re blaming us for the death cloud over Asia & the floods in Europe, so how long will it be before they start blaming us for earthquakes? Oh wait, some people already have[2]…

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