It’s Another Blogosphere Round-up: Here

by John Hawkins | July 23, 2002 5:38 pm

It’s Another Blogosphere Round-up: Here a little news and info from across the Blogosphere…

The Vodka Pundit[1] is MIA but Matt Welch[2], The Spoons Experience[3]. & Dawn Olsen[4] are back. Speaking of “Olsens”, I caught Walter Olson from Overlawyered[5] on O’Reilly tonight. Congrats Walter!

Andrew Sullivan[6] did some fantastic work yesterday and the USS Clueless[7] has been pumping out outstanding editorials for the last couple of weeks. Since I’m giving credit where credit is due, Protein Wisdom[8], Isntapundit[9], C-Log[10], Joanne Jacobs[11], Tim Blair[12], Cold Fury[13], The Daily Pundit[14], and of course the unchallenged king of the blogosphere Glenn Reynolds[15] have been putting out consistently top notch work of late.

A few other odds and ends…I think NZ Bear[16] has one of the best looking pages in the blogosphere these days. It’s a clean design that’s easy to read and yet is packed with info and is attractive to the eye. I think it’s easily Sekimori’s[17] best design. On the other hand, Athena from Leaning To The Right[18] probably doesn’t have a lot of time to work on her site right now because she’s about to pop out a puppy. Also, the funniest political blogs out there: 1) RWN[19] of course, 2) File 13’s Amish Tech Support[20], 3) Happy Fun Pundit[21], & 4) Possumblog[22].

That’s it for this space filling & time killing edition of blogosphere round-up. Look for this feature again the next time we run out of things to talk about here on RWN =D

***Update*** NZ Bear wrote in to say “Stacy over at Sekimori did the logo (the bear at the typewriter) for my site according to a spec I gave her — and
did a great job at it. But the rest of the design was all done by little old amateur me.”

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