Jersey Democrats Scream: Kill the Death Penalty

by Michael Illions | November 11, 2007 9:48 am

If you had to guess that a bill the Democrats were going to introduce on crime and punishment would be more pro-victim or pro-criminal, which would you choose?

{insert Jeopardy music here}

Yep you guessed it. Pro-criminal is the correct answer.

The Democrats who feature killing the unborn child as one of their major platform planks, seem to go out of their way to protect the convicted murderer.

In our lovely state of New Jersey, 2 Democrats released a press release[1] touting their proposal to make New Jersey the first State to legislatively abolish the death penalty, citing the cost and cruelty of it, (as opposed to the murdered victims, who are dead and buried):

(TRENTON) – Calling it cruel and costly, Assembly Speaker Joseph J. Roberts, Jr., and Assembly Speaker Pro-Tempore Wilfredo Caraballo today announced that they will seek to make New Jersey the first state in the country to legislatively abolish capital punishment.

Teaming with “Dead Man Walking” author Sister Helen Prejean and other death penalty opponents at a State House press conference, Roberts said a bipartisan repeal bill sponsored by Caraballo (D-Essex) would go before the Assembly Judiciary Committee on December 6 so that it could be positioned for an Assembly floor vote on December 13.

“The New Jersey death penalty has become a paper deterrent, the epitome of false security,” said Roberts (D-Camden).

They also cite that for the 25 years the bill has been in the books, not one person has been executed yet, but they fail to mention that the reason is because of liberal judges and liberal elected officials who prolong the process. Let’s not abolish the death penalty, let’s get remove liberals from office.

The proposal also claims to remove the death penalty and in it’s place mandate life in prison without parole, however, my sparring partner Eric Sedler at RedJersey[2] points out what Democrats mean by “life in prison without parole”:

In the press release Roberts had some pretty harsh words for murderers and the death penalty: “The law has become an absolute exercise in futility,” said Roberts. “It is time to end it.” Later he says: “The bottom line of that bill is to lock murderers in jail and throw away the key,” said Roberts. “Anyone who takes another person’s life should rot in jail.”

The bill that Assemblyman Roberts is referring to is A3716. The bill reads: “Repeals the death penalty and replaces it with life imprisonment without eligibility for parole in certain circumstances. ”

This will be the fourth time I have pointed out that upon a read of the bill’s statement the only circumstances that allow for life imprisonment without eligibility for parole are:

(1) If the victim was a law enforcement officer and was murdered while performing his official duties or was murdered because of his status as a law enforcement officer;

(2) If the murder victim is less than 14 years old and the act is committed in the course of the commission, whether alone or with one or more persons, of a violation of N.J.S.2C:14-2 (sexual assault) or N.J.S.2C:14-3 (criminal sexual contact); and

(3) If certain aggravators exist.

But wait, I though speaker Roberts said, “The bottom line of that bill is to lock murderers in jail and throw away the key.” Perhaps he forgot to say “The bottom line of that bill is to lock murderers in jail and throw away the key, for 30 years”, because “life in prison” really means 30 years and the only exceptions according to this bill are the ones I just cited.

Speaker Roberts goes on to cite the conclusion of the Death Penalty Commission, which according to the press release recommended “replacing the death penalty with life in jail without possibility of parole.” A3716 does not do this at all, it only replaces the death penalty with life in jail without possibility of parole in the circumstances I cited above.

I guess it depends on what the definition of life in prison is!!
So, in a State that won’t pass Jessica’s Law that will protect our children, they instead have taken up the cause of the convicted murderer who has been sentenced to death. Seems logical, right?

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