Jodie Evans of Code Pink Raising Money for Obama

by Van Helsing | June 13, 2008 12:36 pm

Here’s a small surprise: Jodie Evans, cofounder of the ultra-Left outfit Code Pink, is now bundling for the Obama campaign[1]. Just as Code Pink raised $600,000[2] for the Islamic terrorists killing American troops in Fallujah, Evans has promised to raise $50,000 for BHO.

Here’s Evans presenting al Qaeda’s case for the 9/11 atrocities:

We had it coming because we had bases in Saudi Arabia, which were there to protect that country from Saddam Hussein. The way forward is obvious: accede to all terrorist demands, no matter how outrageous, hide under our beds, and hope they don’t come after us. This is Obama’s foreign policy in a nutshell, so Evans is as good a match for the campaign as terrorist anchor baby Mohamed Salim Al-Churbaji[3].

In addition[4] to her work with Code Pink, Evans

sits on the board of directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a coalition of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate environmentalist groups. RAN’s co-founder Michael Roselle also founded the Earth Liberation Front, which the FBI ranks alongside the Animal Liberation Front as the foremost domestic terrorism threats in the United States. According to the FBI, during the past seven years those two groups have been responsible for more than 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages.

Sounds like she’ll get on well with other friends of Obama, like unrepentant anti-U.S. terrorist Bill Ayers[5].

Jodie Evans of the Muslim–moonbat alliance, via Target of Opportunity[6].

Hat tip: Hot Air[7]; on a tip from V the K[8]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[9].

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