John Kerry Didn’t Support The Troops In His Post-Vietnam Days

by John Hawkins | July 23, 2004 1:29 am

The most underreported and unexplored story of the entire presidential campaign has been John Kerry’s time as an anti-war protestor. Here’s a guy who is selling himself to the American public as Sgt. York reincarnated and yet the same press which spent weeks hyperventilating over the unsupported & insubstantial “George Bush AWOL” story has shown scant interest in digging into Kerry’s Post-Vietnam days.

However, there are a plethra of great angles for front-page stories out there. Kerry spoke from the back of the same pick-up truck[1] as hated anti-war protestor Jane Fonda, Kerry was present at a VVAW meeting where they “discussed and voted (against) an assassination plot[2] against pro-war U.S. senators”, Kerry’s first Purple Heart turned out to be an accidentally self-inflicted scratch[3] that was fixed with a band-aid which is particularly significant since his three purple hearts got him out of Vietnam and into the anti-war movement well before his tour of duty should have ended, all of Kerry’s former commanding officers[4] think he’s unfit to be President, Kerry claimed that he committed atrocities[5] in Vietnam, etc, etc, etc. (Cont)[6]

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