Jonathan Martin quintessential 21st century chic-A-fied male aka a Punk, Nancy boy, Sissy

by Samuel Gonzalez | November 10, 2013 5:07 pm

martin[1]For a whole week too much ink has been devoted to this poor excuse for a male.Notice how I’m not calling Jonathan Martin a man. In my opinion, he forfeited the right to be called a man when he abandoned his team and claimed he was bullied by another player.



That word my apply to a 11 year old girl getting picked on at school.But, at 24 years of age, 6’4”, 300 pounds, Martin shares a locker-room with 52 men playing a man’s game of football.The sport demands toughness, skill, and strength of character.I think Martin lacks two of the three.


I’ve heard plenty from squishy, soft, progressive sportswriters defending Martin and I think it’s pathetic.


Truth be told, Martin is exactly what the Feminist movement wanted today’s males to be: passive, malleable, non-threatening, emasculated, effeminate, soft as sponges yes dear stooges.


Martin doesn’t deserve to be on the gridiron with Gladiators.Let him be gone where he can contemplate his navel.The NFL is not for him.It’s a game for men!


Originally published at The Last Tradition[2]

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