“Jump In And Blow Your Brains Out”

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon moderating comments. I criticized Obama and wondered at his propaganda usage, location, and methods and that brought the rain of hate. But there was one comment that I loved the most just for sheer creativity. I mean, “die bitch” is pretty boring. This one has some flair and the respect goes to Charles Giacometti of Cosmo39@hotmail.com :

Truly, do your fellow Americans a favor and just blow your freaking brains out. Don’t leave us with the burden of caring for you.

In fact, make it neat. Dig your grave first, with all the dirt right there, and a shovel. Then jump in and blow your brains out.

Oh, and leave a few bucks for the poor slob who has to throw the dirt on you.

As a side note about comments: You might want to reread the commenting policy here. Here’s part of it:

Privacy: I will not publish your email address or share your information with third parties except in the following circumstances: you’re an abusive a-hole in which case all bets are off or my site administrator or one of his agents needs to work on the site. Otherwise, the information you disclose when you register is between you and me.

I think Mr. Giacometti’s comments qualify as “all bets are off”.

Mr. Giacometti also described Glenn Reynolds this way:

Well, Mother Jones just learned what yahoos Instarube’s readers are. That’s what you get when you don’t research a clown like this in advance. You could have easily discovered he is a petty, one note partisan hack who routinely (and approvingly) links to some of the most lunatic, racist, ill-informed commentary out there.

And he’s harassed Megan McCardle, too. Where he took umbrage at the idea that someone would publish his personal information. Here’s how Megan handled it:

Indeed, I hope that none of you called this fellow, or in any other way bothered him. I do not encourage offline harassing of web commenters, whatever the provocation. This is one of the reasons that I welcome commenters who use handles; on this blog, it’s the content of the comments that is important. The proper punishment for trolls is the silent derision of anyone who reads them, and of course, the fact that they are the kind of people who become internet trolls. If you did call this fellow before I took down his name and number, I would appreciate an anonymous tip off on this thread so that I can contact him and apologize for the inconvenience.

Please do not stalk the trolls. Also, do not talk to them. This seems like as good a time as any to remind readers that your attention–no matter how richly provoked you feel–merely encourages them to further heights. Your tears of just rage are sweet, sweet nectar to comment trolls. Presumably, they engage in this behavior because they feel that no one listens to them. Only you can help make this a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mr. Giacometti took umbrage of the idea of his personal information being on the web. Well, I take umbrage at suggestions for creative ways for me to kill myself. Call me sensitive.

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