KA-BOOM! House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses Virginia GOP primary to TEA PARTY Dave Brat

by Samuel Gonzalez | June 10, 2014 11:34 pm

Let this be a lesson to the GOP establishment not to take the Tea Party for dead nor take the conservative base for granted!!!

Fox News[1] reports in a stunning upset, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the GOP Virginia primary Tuesday night to Dave Brat, an economics professor cantor[2]and political novice.

The Associated Press called the race for Cantor about an hour after polls closed at 7 p.m. ET.

Cantor is the second-most powerful member of the U.S. House and was widely seen as the next in line to succeed House Speaker John Boehner.
Cantor’s loss to a political novice with little money marks a huge victory for the Tea Party movement, which supported Cantor just a few years ago.

Brat had been a thorn in Cantor’s side on the campaign, casting the congressman as a Washington insider who isn’t conservative enough. His message apparently scored well with voters in the 7th District.
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