Kerry tries to make up for his nine years of doing nothing; fails miserably.

I guess John Kerry didn’t like people pointing out that he’s been a waste of space in Congress for the last nine years. He released a list of legislative accomplishments… none of which can actually be attributed to him.

Heh. Watch:

Here’s the list of Kerry’s so-called accomplishments.

A lot of commenters said that they were glad that politicians like Kerry haven’t been able to do anything. That’s true; but it’s also yet another reason to kick his sorry ass out of Congress and replace him with someone who loves his country, his military, and his fellow Americans, and is more concerned with serving those fellow Americans than furthering his own career.

I know, I know — that would mean tossing out a lot more people than just John Kerry. But he’s not a bad place to start.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery

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