Kevin Jennings isn’t unfit for his position because of his beliefs. He’s unfit for his position because he’s so ignorant about kids.

Kevin Jennings, director of the White House “Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools” (a.k.a. the “Safe Schools Czar”), is the latest Obama czar to come under conservative fire.

The main reason, purportedly: he thinks schools are an awesome place to promote homosexuality. Pat “And So It Goes in Shreveport” Austin has a great rundown of the whole thing over at her place.


In October 1997, Jennings reportedly said:

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I’d like five years from now for most Americans when they hear the word GLSEN to think, “Ooh, that’s good for kids.” … Sane people keep the world the same [sh—y] old way it is now. It’s the [crazy] people who think, “No, I can envision a day when straight people say, ‘So what if you’re promoting homosexuality?’ or [when] straight kids say, ‘Hey, why don’t you and your boyfriend come over before you go to the prom and try your tuxes on at my house?'”

Here’s the thing: teenage boys don’t — do not — invite each other over to try on clothes. They don’t go to each other’s houses to get ready for parties, or dances.

Playing video games; going to the lake; riding their bikes and/or skateboards; watching movies. To teenage boys, these are group activities.

Trying on clothes is not.

Girls, sure. Girls do that kind of thing. If by “straight kids,” Jennings meant girls, then sure. Maybe. If the girls’ parents are okay with her inviting over two boys — gay boys, maybe, but still boys — to change clothes together.

Which, I’m hoping, they won’t be. And homophobia has nothing to do with that hope.

All this leads me to a conclusion: Jennings may well be an incredibly poor choice for any position having to do with schools. This may be because of his beliefs, and because he sees schools as social Petrie dishes.

More than that, though…has he ever met any kids? Any?

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