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by John Hawkins | December 6, 2006 1:25 pm

RWN reader Paul Nixon told me that I just had to check out this diary post[1] over at the Daily Kos. He was right!

The post was a wacky, Kosian version of the future called, “2012 In the Holy Amerikan Empire.” Check out what Ian MacLeod over at the DK presumably thinks the future in America will be like — but, be forewarned, there’s apparently a whole lot of crazy going on 6 years from now — at least in Ian’s fevered imagination:

“When anyone can be arrested at any time for any reason or no reason at all, when they are not permitted to question their arrest and incarceration or to communicate with anyone; when everyone but the very wealthy, who are totally sheltered from contact with the peons save for servants who dare not speak unless spoken to if they want to keep their ‘good’ jobs; when ‘religion is added to the law giving it the unquestionability of being ‘the Word of God’, the government is as secure in robbing the treasury and natural assets of the country (including the populace, of course) as possible, and in using war for various reasons given to an ignorant citizenry in order to rob other countries – after bombing them into moonscapes and making them radioactive if necessary first. After a time, countries who have something we want won’t dare fight or even question. Not if they prefer to survive; the dead are, after all, easier to rob than the occasionally protest-prone living, as well as being an excellent object lesson. Best, then, to cooperate.

….They’re essentially told, “If there’s a problem, point the gun, pull the trigger, and it will go away; if someone next to the problem goes away too, don’t worry about it.” They are good at following simple instructions. And with the “Collective Responsibility” law now in effect, being willing to die isn’t enough: You have to be ready to allow your entire family and probably your friends and neighbors to be tortured to death on TV for your ‘crimes’. There is nothing at all in the way now – except the occasional tread-filler civilian; those are for running over, target practice and a good object lesson, which are becoming few and far between.

Assassins, successful or not, are NOT popular. Successful ones can get entire TOWNS destroyed as examples, and entire townships have been known to murder everyone in any way close to such people in an attempt to survive government retaliation, or ‘Collective Punishment’, as they call it.

…It is likely going to be necessary to invent another offense of “extrajudicial execution” proportions soon; formerly ‘free’ people are slow to adapt to the new type of government and need frequent object lessons. His Holiness, Lord High (the Black) Abbot Dick(less) “Chainsaw” Cheney, aka “The Executioner” and “The Soulless One” (he has lots of nicknames, depending on who is speaking and how far away from Cheney he is), sighs.

…”Well, my goodness gracious me,” ‘Rummie’ Rumsfeld is at least as dangerous as Cheney. He speaks like someone’s slightly dottie old grandmother for the TV people, and is perfectly capable of ordering the extrajudicial execution of said grandmother without losing a wink of sleep or needing to skip his next meal.

…Karl, now, he is an inside-outsider. He and George were friends – well, master and attack dog – for a long time, though he works with the new figurehead well enough. Karl is devious and completely vicious: the Pillsbury Doughboy with poison fangs, claws, and no conscience whatsoever. He is a weapon. You give him a destination, and he gets there, whoever he has to ruin or run over, whatever he has to destroy to do it. Point him at a person and he gets that person, whatever lies, fake pictures or anything else he has to invent, whatever he has to do, and never mind collateral damage.

Then there is John “My God, My Country” Bolton. He hates any non-WASP, anything that looks like a person but is too dark or too poor to be one. As far as he’s concerned, every pissant little excuse for a country in the world should just shut up, hand over whatever they have that America wants, say thank you, be grateful for their lives, those who still have them, and piss off. …For whatever reason, he is a hate-full man, a Neofascist to the core, and his specialty is removing wealth from poor countries, usually making the middle class poor and making the poor dirt poor, homeless or dead, and transferring the wealth to the wealthy of his own country. It’s amazing how the riches that would leave a medium-sized country full of people on the edge of starvation adds up into real wealth when you add it all up – and walk off with it.

…Jams A. Baker III is a roving lawyer, and another thief of a special level and kind. He was pulled out of Iraq because his mission had been accomplished, or at least most of it had, and there would be other uses for him. Also because whoever was in charge there after him would be in charge of an impossible situation and many if not all would have to be sacrificed. The public mission was to rebuild the country, set it on it’s feet again and go away; his real mission was to gain control over Iraq’s oil – all of it, so the government must be in name only and entirely under the control of the Neocons – to make sure that that the place became a drain that emptied the ‘rebuilding’ money into the coffers of crony corporations.”

You’ve gotta love this sort of warped, nutty fantasy. Heck, even Bolton and Rumsfeld are there participating in it. Maybe they can bring back Ari Fleischer, too, then he can be spokesman for apocolypse.

Know what else is funny? That even the Democratic victory in 2006 had no impact on this guy’s psyche. The Democrats won, the Republicans lost; there was no coup, there was no re-education camp set up for people who voted for liberals, etc., etc., etc.

These guys are just so loony.

  1. this diary post: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2006/12/3/17476/2023

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