Last Night’s Debates

I opted to watch the two wildcard playoff games last night, but thankfully Michelle Malkin liveblogged both the Dem and Republican debates that were held in New Hampshire yesterday evening, just three days before the New Hampshire primaries. To get a good feel for what happened at both debates, make sure to visit those two links.

The big story of the night appears to be Hillary’s “debate moment” in which she got really angry with Obama. The video exchange is here.

Ross Douthat at the Atlantic and Mickey Kaus both think the reaction to her anger is an unfair and sexist double standard, and that men getting testy like that during a debate wouldn’t get near the attention her anger has gotten. I think the criticism of her anger has very little to do with the fact that she’s a woman and a whole lot to do with people reacting to the American public getting a glimpse of who the real Hillary Clinton actually is. Not the warm, personable “everywoman” she wants people to believe she is, but instead a cold, calculating, and controlling figure whose every move is scripted for public consumption, who – among other things – has proven time and time again how she can’t “take the heat” her opponents give her and choosing to blame legitimate criticism and scrutiny of her record on the “boys club” and rather than taking responsiblity for her failures, has her husband blame the MSM for her inability to wage an effective campaign.

This is the second time in three months that the public has gotten a glimpse into how Hillary reacts when her veneer cracks. Would that they understand that the alternatives to Hillary on the Dem side – Obama and Edwards – are no better and, frankly, have no business trying to lead this country, and via extension the rest of the free world, at a time when it needs continued strength and determination in the face of a vicious enemy, rather than hollow promises about “hope” and “change.”

The “top tier” in the Democratic party is, sadly, indicative of the pathetic state of the Democratic party today. The new perceived Dem frontrunner, Barack Obama, is little more than an inexperienced empty suit who is very good at winning gullible people over with impassioned platitudes, John Edwards is probably one of the biggest phonies ever to hold political office, while Hillary Clinton is the closest thing this country has seen to a Socialist running for president in quite some time, whose warmth in toto wouldn’t fill up a thimble, and whose ruthlessnes only extends to her political enemies, not the bigger enemies we face in the form of Islamofascism.

/Sunday rant over.

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