Let Sarah Palin Be

by Melissa Clouthier | October 1, 2008 10:24 am

I didn’t see the whole Couric interview[1]. Evidently, Sarah Palin didn’t perform well[2] and even conservatives are cringing. I buy it. The part I saw, made me wonder if she was sitting on a bed of nails, she was so nervous. Coached and careful, defensive and self-doubting, she clearly just wanted to get through it and get it over. Understandable. Katie Couric is a dull-witted, pugnacious twit who hates conservatives.

Here’s my two cents: Sarah Palin is already over-handled. If there is one thing needed during this economic crisis, it’s someone who is in touch with average Americans and speaks the language. Sarah Palin is not stupid, she’s unaccustomed to the blood-sport that is DC politics. It is almost impossible to convey the depths the press and the opposition, and even “friends” will go to destroy a person for having “imperfect” ideology (any ideas that clash with ones own.)

And how do you integrate an ability to talk with awareness without sounding defensive? How do you not sound defensive when the person sitting across from you wants you destroyed? Sarah Palin is still a real person. DC is an unreal realm. I want her to stay real.

Staying real means that people can teach her the history and the geography and the policy, but don’t do it at the expense of her true self. I feel that George W. Bush has been overhandled. When allowed to speak freely, he speaks the best. He reaches the people. I love his Q&A sessions with the press where he instinctively answers questions. He speaks the people’s language.

For Sarah Palin, more polish will come. Or not. Hells bells, Joe Biden isn’t polished and no one gives him a hard time. He’s an outright liar and that seems charming when coming from his mouth, evidently. Sarah Palin has integrity, at least. And don’t give me garbage about her time in Alaska. A politician doesn’t get an 85% approval rating state-wide by being dirty and stupid.

So, I’m not worried about Sarah Palin. I’m worried about a country where a politician like her can’t make it. If all we get are bland, handled, “intelligent”, worldly, cut-throat elites like Obama, I don’t want any part of it. When average people desiring to influence politics for the better have no place in America, we’re in trouble. Sarah Palin gives a lot of people hope–not because she’s the smartest, most polished, most worldly, but because she seem really concerned about how policy affects average Americans and puts their needs first.

Sarah Palin threatens all DC holds dear and that’s why they want to destroy her. Those who ostensibly support her can destroy her too: by making her something she’s not. Let Sarah Palin be. She’s good enough for America. I’m not sure DC is good enough for her.

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