Let Someone Else Take Care Of The Palestinians

Apparently the Palestinians’ bloodlust is really starting to catch up with them:

“Israel’s security closure of Gaza’s main cargo crossing has hit the coastal strip hard: milk and cheese have virtually disappeared, fruit is hard to find, and flour is running out.

The shortages could get worse for the 1.3 million residents of Gaza once Hamas formally takes power, with Israel threatening to seal its borders with Gaza altogether once the Islamic militants form a government.

“The world should look at this and find us a solution,” said Mustafa Shurab of the Palestinian Mill Co. “Collective punishment is a small word to describe this war.”

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Sami Abu Daoud said he went to nine supermarkets Tuesday in a futile search for low-fat milk. The price of regular milk for his children has doubled, he said.”You can’t find an apple in the
Gaza Strip,” Daoud said. “I don’t know why they are doing this. For political reasons? Security reasons? For what?”

Israeli officials say the closure is strictly because of security concerns.

“This is nothing punitive,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev. He said Israel has identified a “definite and specific threat at the crossing” and is eager to reopen Karni. Palestinian militants have targeted the crossing in the past, killing six Israelis in a January 2005 attack.”

Not only are they running out of food, they’re running out of money, too:

“According to the figures presented to the Congressional committee, the PA deficit for 2005 totaled $800 million, of which $340 million was covered by non-U.S. donors. The PA also took out short-term loans, mainly from European banks.

The Americans believe that the PA will have trouble borrowing more this year and that if it fails to find immediate financing sources, it will not be able to pay the salaries of its 150,000 employees.

Half of the PA budget comes from donations. Of the other half, 63 percent comes from the tax receipts Israel collects on its behalf, which it decided to freeze two weeks ago. Russia, the Americans believe, will not give much money, despite its overtures to the new PA regime.

In talks within the U.S. and with European representatives, it was agreed that monetary aid to the Palestinian population must continue after Hamas takes over officially, but the way to continue this support remains unclear. For example, there is the question of how to continue supporting the health services when the facilities used by most Palestinians are PA-controlled and might be headed by Hamas officials.”

Here’s a “radical” suggestion: why doesn’t the United States completely cut them off? No money, no water, no food, no funds for NGOs that work in the disputed territories, not a penny.

Look at it this way, the money we’re giving them isn’t accomplishing much of anything. The Palestinians actively support terrorism, they despise America more than any nation other than Israel, our aid isn’t buying us any good will, and they have no interest whatsoever in peace. Moreover, you have all these governments in the Middle-East that constantly talk about how much they love the Palestinians and want a permanent settlement, while they funnel money to the terrorists under the table in an effort to keep the conflict alive and actually spend considerably less than we do to help the Palestinian people.

So, since they love the Palestinians so much, let them feed them, let them clothe them, let them pay for traffic cops and garbage pick-up and all the other things that make a state work.

This would have four benefits:

#1) Maybe they’ll start using more money from these Middle-Eastern countries to buy food instead of Semtex and rockets.

#2) If these Middle-Eastern nations actually feel compelled to start spending a lot more money to support the Palestinians, then maybe they’ll become more interested in really pushing peace, if only to get America and Israel to open up their coffers again.

#3) If, as expected, the other nations in the Middle-East won’t fill the enormous gap left by the US and Israel cutting off funds, then the long-term cash crunch and the greatly increased misery might help convince the Palestinians that it’s time to get serious about making peace.

#4) The Palestinian people might actually conclude that Americans aren’t as dumb as they thought once we stop enabling jihad against Israel by supporting a terrorist regime, whether Hamas or Fatah are the ones in power.

That’s why we should let someone else take care of the Palestinians.

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