Let’s Get Tough With Israel – Or the Palestinians?

From the letters to the editor at Los Angeles Times (in response to this article):

Palestinian- Israeli impasse

Re “Let’s get tough with Israel,” Opinion, Dec. 22

Yousef Munayyer is dead wrong. It’s time to get tough with Arab terrorists, not with the only democracy in the Middle East.

He reiterates the myth of Palestinian refugees, warehoused in camps rather than settled among their prosperous brethren, more than 60 years after the Israeli war of independence. It’s time for him, and for them, to move on.

When the Palestinians renounce violence, perhaps the peace process can begin again. Until then, the Israelis must continue their efforts to settle and pacify the land.

Daniel Fink

Beverly Hills

This is wierd.

The letters at Los Angeles Times haven’t been this good in some time. See my previous entry as well: “Americans Have Strayed From Our Core Values of Social Justice?


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