Liberals At Gawker Say A Ex-Nanny Squatting In A Family’s Home Is An “American Hero”

UPDATE on the Nanny Squatter story: So now liberals are chiming in and saying that it is heroic to start living in someone’s home under false pretenses, go back on your contract and basically terrorize a family because the law allows it.

Nanny refuse to leave

WARNING: this article is pulled from the liberal site GAWKER. Nothing written here falls within reality or common sense but you must read EVERY word of it because we ALL need to understand how the left thinks;

As the story of the so-called “Nanny From Hell” continues to unfold, it becomes clearer and clearer that America is a nation of cringing dupes and shameless predators, and that most of the predators are also dupes. The coverage, very much including this site’s own coverage, has been dedicated to the peculiar notion that the villain in the story is Diane Stretton, the so-called “nanny” who has been refusing to leave the house of her employers.

Take a moment to look at the bigger metaphoric or metaphysical picture. What is Hell, anyway, that we are supposed to believe Diane Stretton has come from it? Hell is the place where sinners get the torment they deserve.

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So it goes for the Bracamonte family of Upland, California. The Bracamontes decided they needed a live-in servant to help care for their children, but they did not want to pay wages for that labor. Through some combination of greed, stupidity, and self-regard, they believed that in lieu of paying for the work, they could simply give the person they hired meals and a place in their house to sleep.

Now, to their shock, the Bracamontes have discovered that the person who initially agreed to work on their exploitative and illegal terms is unreasonable. They are so upset that they have gone to the press with this problem: that the person they unlawfully brought into their home, as an unpaid servant, now will neither work as their servant nor leave their house.

What a terrible problem for the Bracamonte family to have. Now they say they are afraid in their own home, because this person they were ripping off–this marginal and allegedly disturbed person they thought should be caring for their children–won’t go away.

Good for Stretton. How sadly fallen is this country when crooks like the Bracamontes can put themselves forth as sympathetic figures? Why, because they own a house? Because they “created” a “job”? The Nanny From Hell is an avatar of our collective future, the symbol of a nation that screws people remorselessly and pretends it’s business as usual. What do we expect will happen, after “entitlement reform” and “pension restructuring,” when everyone whose benefits have been looted reaches retirement age? There will be desperate and unyielding old people lurking in every closet of the house. And we will all deserve it.

Folks, now is not the time to pick up our ball and go home even though after reading this you wonder if there’s still an America left. These ideas from Gawker and other liberals is really in the minority. Most Americans really do believe in hard work and personal responsibility. The fight here is a fight against lawyers. Lawyers know that the more laws they make the more job security they have… those lawyers are in your State House and Washington DC. Now more than ever we need to be aware of what laws our Congress and Assembly are passing through because if we don’t fight against tyrannical laws that allows a nanny to live in your house and terrorize your family, there will be no end to the intrusiveness of societal leeches like this.

STOP thinking Democrats are to blame or the Republicans are to blame or Bush is to blame or Obama is to blame… your neighbor even if they’re a Democrat is more similar to your way of thought than you imagine. Just talk to them about this story and see what they think about it… this is a war on the American way of life and it’s being sold to us as a political D vs R war but really it’s a war of principalities or good vs evil. Join the fight if America means anything to you and pay attention to Congress as a whole entity not as a political party and friend those of other political parties by finding real common ground, the sanctity of personal Liberty and the American way of life.

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