Like MacArthur, RWN Has Returned!

by John Hawkins | July 30, 2003 12:22 pm

It seemed like such a simple idea — I’d just switch RWN over to a new host — one with a fully functional MySQL database that doesn’t continually crash like my old host’s database did. The next thing ya know, it turns into the worst disaster since Ted Kennedy got drunk and decided to go for a joyride to Chappaquiddick with Mary Jo Kopechne.

I’m not going to bore you with all the technical details, but let’s just say Murphy’s law was in full effect. The DNS repointed much earlier than I thought it would, we couldn’t get to the MySQL database at my old host, then when we did a data dump, it was full of errors that took forever for my designer (Nicole) to correct. Poor Nicole is still getting everything sorted out which is why the comments aren’t working yet.

Oh and don’t get me started on the tech support at my old host — Addr[1]. Every time I ever called there I got the feeling I was talking to someone who just got hired 5 minutes ago. Last night, I spent 47 minutes with one of their reps in an online chat and it was just unbelievable. 20 minutes in, the guy was claiming that according to their records, I didn’t have a MySQL database. O….K. 30 minutes in they agreed that I did have a database and finally gave me the information I contacted them to get: where to log into the database at. After that didn’t work, their customer service rep finally figured out their MySQL database was down and informed me that was why we couldn’t do a data dump right now. Oh if only I had one of those machines that could control people’s thoughts from space — you know the ones Dennis Kucinich is freaked out about — I would have made the guy’s head explode like the people in that movie “Scanners”.

Anyway, we’re finally at our new host and judging by the traffic at the old and new sites, about 80% of the net is seeing us in the right spot. By Friday at noon — at the latest — we should have 99.9% of the internet looking at the right location for RWN. I’m glad we got back up so quickly because without us here at RWN to tell you what to do, you mind-numbed robots might have just sat there drooling while staring vacantly at your computers — puzzled as to what to do without instructions — well, at least that’s what the “scientists” at Berkeley[2] probably think.

PS: For those of you waiting to read the highly anticipated, “Bloggers select the greatest movies of all-time” article, that has been pushed back until tomorrow because of the technical issues, so look for it then.

PS #2: If you’d like to buy a banner ad, they’re $20 for a month. I will run a maximum of 4 per month, 20 KB max size each. Currently I have one sold. Email me if you’re interested in getting a banner ad that’ll start August 1st.

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