Listening To Christmas Music Is Torture?

by John Hawkins | December 26, 2006 6:56 am

Stories like this one[1] really help put the left’s hysteria over what they claim is “torture” at Gitmo into perspective.

“Forcing store clerks to listen to the same holiday music over and over could be akin to torture and should change, a British noise pollution group said.

The UK Noise Association and labor unions are suggesting legal action on behalf of store employees who listen to endless looped recordings of holiday music, the Observer said Sunday.

…Exposure to the same music constantly is “no different to being tortured,” added Val Weedon, the noise association’s national coordinator.”

Yeah, listening to Jingle Bells and White Christmas on a constant loop is no different than say hooking electrodes up to someone’s genitals or jamming bamboo shoots under their fingernails.

This is the sort of mentality that handicaps not just America, but the West in the war on terrorism. We’re up against terrorists with an “anything goes” mentality while our guys at Gitmo have to actually put on gloves before they can touch the Qur’an and our troops in the field are sometimes forced to ask permission from lawyers before they’re allowed to kill the enemy.

We don’t have to fight like utter savages, as our enemies do, but by trying to take too much of the cruelty and brutality out of war, we’re giving our enemies a huge advantage that our soldiers are paying for in blood.

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