Listening To Talk Radio at 2:50 AM

by John Hawkins | June 14, 2007 3:34 am

It was almost 3 AM and unfortunately, I had watched almost everything I had saved on Tivo, I didn’t have any movies from Netflix in, and I didn’t feel like listening to music. So, for the first time at this hour of the night, I turned on my local talk radio station.

I didn’t catch the name of the host, but he had a guest on who was explaining that he was a time traveler. The guest then started spinning a tale about Reptilians and Atlanteans.

Apparently, about 800k years ago, highly advanced Reptilians and Atlanteans inhabited the planet and they got along poorly. That’s why the Atlanteans used geo-thermal rays to kill the dinosaurs, which the Reptilians used as a food source. Then they sunk the continent the Reptilians lived on, which was apparently in the Pacific Ocean. This forced 3 million Reptilians to retreat below ground where they lived in the center of the earth and still, to this day, kill miners who dig down in the earth and get too close to them.

Meanwhile, the Atlanteans were doing genetic research. In fact, kids with Downs syndrome are, according to the guest, dolphins in human bodies whose relatives were put there by the Atlanteans.

However, the Reptilians were also into genetic engineering. They combined their DNA with humans, which explains how fetuses look, angels, and UFOs somehow or another because the Reptilians apparently like to fly around in spaceships when they’re not chilling in the middle of the earth or impersonating humans.

At that point, I’d had all I could take and turned it off. I was tempted to try to figure out which radio show I was listening to, but after further thought, I decided that I didn’t want to know.

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