Live blogging Barack Obama’s Speech

by Melissa Clouthier | August 28, 2008 8:43 pm

Unless John is live blogging, and even if he is, I’ll be live blogging tonight here (if he isn’t) and over at my place[1] (if he is). Make sense? And rather then do it sober, I’m doing this the way it should be done: eating Tex-Mex and drinking a Corona. I am a citizen of the world, after all. Well, Obama thinks I am. Really, I’m a proud American and as such, mmmmm beer.

Tonight, the potential for drama is great. Between the Clintons and the rest of the colorful cast[2] of characters (and by that I’m referring to the biased media buffoons[3]), forget Obama himself, all kinds of craziness can happen. Imagine 80,000 impassioned Obamatons chanting, borg-like, “Yes we can!” in front of a columned stage designed by Brittney Spear’s se[4]t designer (not kidding[5]). What works with a bunch of Germans might be off-putting to middle Americans, don’t ya think?

So, I suggest that you get ready for the night. I have a way to help: drink copiously[6].

7:58 CST Al Gore, the Prophet, is offering incantations to Gaia and precedes the Savior. I’m watching on PBS. No one else, except maybe C-Span is covering it. I’ll translate for you (imagine the teacher’s voice from Peanuts): Wa, wa wuh wa, wah wa waaah. “An inconvenient truth, wa wa wa, Barack Obama, wa wa wa.” Afterward, the music Let the Sunshine is pure 60’s love child, earth-loving yumminess.

By the way, Fox already showed the ad of McCain congratulating Obama. I think it is good. It steals Obama’s thunder while making McCain look like he’s above politics. It is a historic night afterall. Never before in the history of America has such an untested potential president run. Historic. [Update: Shrewd[7].]

Scuttlebutt is that Pawlenty is the Republican Veep. Also, the rumors are like taking air from a balloon, slowly stealing the Democrat’s energy.

8:10 CST Eh, bored. Here’s the McCain ad. What do you think? Heh. Watching MSNBC (I’m almost tipsy, so forgive me, it’s entertaining), and Keith Olbermann just said,”We’ll be back, for the historic night, where Barack Obama will be nominated for President of the Democratic party.” Snort. That’s where it will stop, Keith. Here’s my prediction: McCain landslide. (Maybe I’m more buzzed than I think.)

8:24 CST Joe Biden is surprising the folks. His wife is pretty and looks like the perfect political wife, and sincere too. “This is what Democrats meant. An open convention.” The set behind Biden actually looks like the white house windows behind the speaker, in a tight shot. I think that’s what they were going for. That the person speaking would look presidential. Biden is talking about how bad things are right now. “We’re here tonight for the next president of the United States, Barack Obama.” Is that why they’re there? It’s so interesting. It’s not to make America better. It’s to honor Barack Obama. And that might be the problem, here. This night feels “historic” and symbolic, but lacking substance.

Weird vibe.

9:02 CST Barack Obama video. “In no other country on earth is my story even possible.” “It was his search for self that defined him.”–Narrator “I was more defined by my father’s absence. My grandparents lived in Kansas Grandfather worked in Patton’s army. Grandmother built bombers. Mom, got him up at 4:30 a.m. to do his studies. The only time his mom got really angry was when someone was bullied or treated differently.

In Chicago he would find a calling. There were factory closings. Lost jobs. Failing schools. In the people he met, he found answers. “Barack Obama is a killer. Barack Smith or Barry Obama. Not Barack Obama.”

“You read about some injustice and you think someone should do something about that.”

9:08 CST You have GOT to be kidding me. He was fighting for energy independence? Really back then?

Cute kids. Barack crying. The saddest moment of his life was when his mom died. “Life is short, better seize the moment.”

I think the video is doing a good job of humanizing him. But again, there’s nothing but his “caring” to demonstrate substance. He is formed by a single mother trying to raise kids while going through college. “Imagine what it’s like being in someone else’s shoes. We recognize ourselves in others.”

Soft, lilting music. “That’s the country I believe in. That’s what’s worth fighting for.”

Here he is. The man, the myth, the legend. Aw, the stage didn’t come from the bottom and rise. I’m disappointed. The crowd is going nuts. Music in the background. Sounds very Cold Playish. Don’t know what it is.

9:13 CST Michelle looks softer and more beautiful than I’ve seen her. Always stern and serious and nervous, though. Barack looks presidential. Navy suit and red striped tie. He looks great. Crowd is chanting.

9:15 CST “I accept your nomination for the President of the United States.” Crowd goes nuts. Honors Hillary Rodham Clinton, first. “An inspiration to my daughters and yours.” Next, he thanks Bill. He should. Bill gave him the six point bounce. He thanks Teddy K. Thanks Joe and gets a big white smile and a finger-point. Oh, Joe.

You know, in contrast to the Clintons, it’s nice to see Barack’s love for Michelle. It looks real. He looks real when he interacts with her and the kids. It’s the only time he feels real, actually, but it is his greatest real accomplishment. Which, in this day and age, is no small thing.

9:19 CST Oh, here we go. “Broken Washington and failed policies of George W. Bush. America, we are better than the last eight years.”

“Enough! This moment. This election. Is our chance to keep the American promise alive.”

9:22 CST Crowd chanting “Eight’s enough!” “Let there be no doubt that John McCain has worn the uniform with honor. Senator McCain talks about judgment. But what does it say about your judgment when you say Bush is right 90% of the time?” On issue after issue…..blah, blah, blah.

Obama is stepping in it. Obama can’t say issue after issue, because he hasn’t voted on many issues, and those that he has, are crazy liberal.

9:25 CST “I don’t think that John McCain doesn’t care. I just think he doesn’t know.” Oh bleh, he brings out the $5 million makes you rich thing. “John McCain doesn’t get it.” Old Republican philosophy “you are on your own. Even if you don’t own boots, you’re on your own.”

I’m listening to him blab about his mom, but he is not answer the central questions most people have about him. Nothing substantive about what he’s done or what he will do. It’s just more hope and changiness. “A promise to treat each other with respect. Business should create jobs. Government should do what we can’t do for ourselves. Our government should work for us, not against us. It should ensure opportunity for those willing to work.The fundamental belief that ‘I am my brother’s keeper'”

Now he’s going to spell it out, he says.

“Change means not honoring the tax code written by lobbyists.” What?

“Eliminate capital gains taxes for small businesses.” How and what qualifies as a small business?

“I will cut taxes for 95% of all working families.” (as opposed to the non-working families? wth?) Who? Who qualifies? I want numbers.

“Within 10 years I will eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. ”

“I’ll invest 150 billion dollars in renewable energy that will create 5 million new jobs.” He will? With whose money?

9:37 CST “Teachers get paid more. Soldiers get an education.” Don’t we already have a GI Bill?

He will make sure that “insurance companies stop discriminating against the sick and need care the most.” Yep, with government controlled health care, everyone will suffer.

“Women will get paid equal pay for equal work.” Big claps. Everyone up. Pan to Michelle and the girls.

“Now, many of these plans will cost money. I’ll close corporate loopholes. [feeble clapping, weird] We cannot meet 21 century challenges with a 20th century bureaucracy.”

“Fathers must take responsibility to provide love and guidance to their children.” I wonder how Jesse Jackson feels about that.

9:43 “I will end the war responsibly. I will …tough diplomacy to deal with Iran and Russia. (Paraphrase) He’ll talk them to death. Oy vey.

“What I will not do, is suggest that the Senator takes his position for political purposes.” Now, he’s trying to lay the ground work to stop anyone from questioning his patriotism. He wants a pass. He knows this is where he is weak. He says he loves America.

“I’ve got news for you John McCain, we all put our country first.” Oh shut up! You are drawing attention to your weakness. You haven’t done squat and can’t compare to John McCain’s sacrifice, so don’t even try. And don’t fight it. Stick to your strengths, if you have them.

Uh and oh. Now, he’s going after the 2nd amendment. Big. Mistake. Talking about AK-47s in cities. Uh huh. People hear what he’s saying. Buy guns now, folks.

What gay person can’t visit the one they love in a hospital? Where? What bull sh*t!

9:51 “I don’t fit the typical pedigree, but I stand before you tonight, because in America, something is stirring. This election has never been about me. It’s about you.” That just rings hollow.

“One by one you’ve said Enough! to the politics of the past.”

“The change doesn’t come from Washington. It comes TO Washington.” American people demand it. “A new politics for a new time.” “The change we need is coming.”

9:54 “That promise is our greatest …” Now he’s invoking MLK and the Lincoln Memorial and the Mall. “In America our destiny is inextricably linked. ‘We cannot walk alone, the preacher cried.’ America, we cannot turn back. Not with so much work to be done.”

He’s waxing rhetorical now and actually quotes a scripture. Crowd is wild. Music is country. I don’t know country artists, so who is he?

9:59 Fireworks. Kids. Cuteness. Crowd is wild. Biden is blinding us again with his neon smile. Red, white and blue tape. Lots of people bawling in the audience. American flags waving.

I don’t know. Overall, I like Barack Obama. He has a nice family. He’s a great speaker. And yet, it feels hollow. Lots more fireworks. Huge display. I can feel the eyes of the world watching this spectacle in wonder and amazement. It is a great show. Impressive, really. Dramatic music. Ticker tape. Shining stars shooting across the sky. Everyone looking up in awe.

I get the sense that if everyone believes it enough, it can happen. I get the sense of an undercurrent of sadness. Isn’t that strange? I’ve said that there’s been a vibe that’s tough to pinpoint. Melancholy?

Maybe that this is the pinnacle? Maybe, that this is going to be the top moment? The last top moment? Yes, I think that’s it.

This show doesn’t feel like the beginning of anything, but the end.

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