Liveblogging Biden’s DNC Speech

by Melissa Clouthier | August 27, 2008 10:28 pm

No, I’m not drug-addled and crazy. I want to see what he has to say.

“Delaware can get another Senator, but my boys can’t get another father.” Biden’s son is making a strong personal case for his father. Something no one has yet been able to do for Obama, I notice.

Applause not as loud as for Bill Clinton, but the crowd is approving of Joe Biden. Michelle Obama is unrelentingly serious. His wife Jill leaves him “breathless and speechless at the same time.”

Now, Biden is paying homage to the Clintons. Feeble applause for his pride in “soldiers who serve this country”. Come on Dems, convince us of your patriotism!

9:35 He’s talking about shared history with Barack Obama. “Giving up is unforgivable.”

“My mother’s creed is the American creed. Live our faith and treasure our families. Everyone can make it, if they try hard enough.”

“That American dream feels like it’s slipping away. I have never seen a time where Washington has seen so many people get knocked down and do nothing to help them get back up.”

9:39 “That’s what we’ll get if Geo…I mean [Freudian slip, Freudian slip] John McCain is elected.”….. “John McCain doesn’t seem to get it. Barack Obama gets it. He chose to go to the southside of Chicago…. He could have gone anywhere. He made Chicagoans lives his life.”

Well, Biden is trying to do what no one has been able to do, including Obama’s wife, Michelle. He’s trying to make Obama seem human. But, man. 150 people now have insurance who didn’t before? That’s it? That’s the sum of Obama’s contribution?

9:44 Now, Biden goes after McCain. “No relief for 100 million American families.” That seems like a big number. “John’s the same! More of the same!”

This is what the theme will be. John is the same old thing. Barack Obama is a change.

Ooof: “We don’t need a good soldier, we need a wise leader.”

How about both? A good soldier and a good leader? They aren’t mutually exclusive, except for these folks.

Well, this is refreshing. Barack and Biden will support Georgia, huh? Does that mean that Barack Obama is willing to have American troops fight and die against Russian troops?

9:54 “The greatest presidents have encouraged us to embrace change.” He puts Obama in the same category as Lincoln and Kennedy. Hmmmm….

“We’re ready! America is ready! This is HIS time. This is our time. This is America’s time.”

Barack is in the house will he show up?

Barack Obama is in da house! Crowd is wild. No words yet. Michelle Obama looking like an emotional wreck still.

Uh oh, he’s off the teleprompter. “If I’m not mistaken, Hillary Clinton rocked the house last night.” Bland smiles from the Clintons. Huge applause, though. “President Clinton reminds us what its like when you put the American people first.”

9:58 Now, Obama is explaining why he’s having the glory stage. He wants everyone to “join the party”.

Musack courtesy Bruce Springsteen.

Ma Biden proud. Michelle Obama beaming, finally. Biden family is a good looking bunch.

10:01 Sister Sledge: We are family. I can’t hear this without picturing Gene Hackman in drag. Free association–Joe Biden in drag. Oy vey. See where my mind goes?

It’s probably time to quit now.

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