Liveblogging The Debate & My Debate With Jeff Seemann

I will be liveblogging the debate starting tonight at 9 PM. Pop a bag of popcorn, grab a few beverages and tune in for the fun =)

Maybe we can come up with a drinking game by then? Let’s see…every time Bush calls Kerry a liberal, take a drink. If Kerry says he has a plan, take a drink. A Kerry mention of Herbert Hoover? Take a drink. If Bush says 1.9 million jobs created in the last 13 months? Take a drink. Keep adding some suggestions in the comments section and I should be able to have it up before the debate.

Also, I’ll be debating Jeff Seemann, a candidate for Congress in Ohio tonight, and the results will be posted at Blogcritics. When the debate is up at Blogcritics, I’ll let you know so you can check it out.

*** Update #1***: I just finished the debate with Seemann. It should be up later tonight. I will give it the big link later tonight. Here’s a little sample of the action to whet you appetite. This is part of what I said in a debate question on the draft…

“You don’t need a crystal ball to know there isn’t going to be a draft. Almost the only people even advocating a draft are anti-war Democrats like Chuck Schumer. To even sit there and tell people there might be a draft when you know, 100% for a fact that it isn’t going to happen proves you’re too dishonest to represent a district in Congress.”

Oh yeah, it was on…here’s more from me on the same question,

“Nobody supports a draft except a bunch of anti-war Democrats and I find it to be totally irresponsible for someone who is running for Congress to claim that there’s going to be a draft when he knows the Bush administration and the military is adamantly opposed to it and there is almost no Republican support for it. That’s the sort of thing I expect to hear on crackpot conspiracy websites, not coming from someone who wants to represent the American people in Congress.”

Bam! Kaplow! Now that’s fun stuff for a debate…

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