Lock up yer typewriters: Dan Rather’s comin’ to town

by Kathy Shaidle | November 3, 2007 5:17 am

Rather’s investigating Canada’s poorest neighborhood[1] — Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside — to expose the tax-payer sponsored needle exchanges, public drunkenness and prostitution that’s on display just a block or two from 5-star hotels.

Why? Cuz Vancouver’s hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, don’t ya know.

(Maybe Van could just invent new events, like Run the Junkie Gauntlet, Spot the Indian or the Needle Toss.)

To see what Davie Street’s really like, Rather needs to visit during “Mardi Gras”: the last day of the month, when the government checks come in, get cashed at the Money Mart, and get spent in 24-hours.

Anyway, Rather accused the city of “mollycoddling” “ne’er do wells” and called the heroin needle exchange “state-assisted suicide.”

It pains me to write this but: good for you, Rather. And thank you.

You see, Canadians (except for me) hate America — except when America notices us. They we blush and get all girly. In this case, unflattering attention from the US media may finally accomplish what decades of domestic exposes and op-eds have not: shaming the bleeding heart liberals who run Vancouver into cleaning up the mess they helped make.

Wish I had something deeper to post, but this morning I take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course[2] exam (necessary if you want to buy a gun) and I’m nervous and preoccupied. Here’s why.[3]

Hope you’ll check out the rest of my blog, FiveFeetofFury[4] — recommended by Mark Steyn and just nominated for a 2007 Weblog Award. (Hint hint.[5]…)

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