Madison, Wisconsin, city council thanks Occupy Madison, asks if they’ve got a spare joint around anyplace.

What? No, I most certainly did not mean to imply any sort of drug, or drug paraphernalia. Joint. Y’know, as in place.

Oh, let’s just start at the beginning:

According to Madison-area blogger Dave Blaska, the police have been called to the Occupy site 80 times in the 150 days it has been active; more than every other day. “Theft, fighting, trespass, property damage, noise complaints, drugs, unlawful weapons, sexual assault, and public intoxication were the predictable manifestations of all this responsibility-free liberal compassion,” notes Blaska.

You may be surprised to learn that “Occupy Madison” is a pretty lame affair, several blocks from the Capitol, on a bare abandoned piece of asphalt. Or…nah, you probably aren’t surprised.

This won’t surprise you either, probably:

Yet despite the public displays of lewdness, Madison’s city government hasn’t been shy about offering its own helping hand to the Occupy movement. On Tuesday night, the city council actually unanimously passed a resolution thanking Occupy Madison “for its contributions to the city, notably its inclusion and empowerment of homeless people.” Thus, the same liberals who believe Governor Scott Walker is waging an imagined “war on women” are happy to commend a movement that serves as an actual threat to public safety.

The city council meeting also served as a hearing as to whether the city should allow the occupy encampment to continue past April 30. … In a rare bout of common sense, the council denied the request to extend the site’s license.

It’s like I’ve always said: God made babies cute so you don’t kill ’em; then He turns ’em into teenagers so you’re more willing to let them move the hell out.

The Occupiers wanted the government to treat them like children, and now they are. You’re welcome, Occupy Madison! Don’t call…uh, I mean, don’t forget to call!

(Posted by The TrogloPundit.)

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