Mainstream media slams Obamacare rollout and the GOP is surrendering the fight to delay it?

by Samuel Gonzalez | October 12, 2013 8:51 am

Once again the GOP is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Washington Free Beacon[1] reports the online Obamacare[2] exchanges opened Oct. 1, and the mainstream media agrees it’s been a gargantuan flop[3]. Glitches[4], delays[5] and frustration[6] have persisted for Americans across the country.

Anderson Cooper not buying lack of Ocare data[7]

Anderson Cooper not buying lack of Ocare data

Also, the Obama administration’s claim[8] to not know[9] how many people have successfully gotten insured[10] has drawn deep skepticism.

Some soundbites include:

“The website’s launch has been nothing short of disastrous.”: —CBS correspondent Jan Crawford[11].

“They have done a terrible job launching this law.”: —MSNBC’s Ezra Klein[12].

“Thee candidate and campaign that brought us the most technologically advanced campaign in history in touching millions of people blew it this badly on this, their biggest, most important government outreach? It’s unbelievable.” —MSNBC’s Chuck Todd[13].

“They can’t give you a figure on how many people have actually signed up? I just don’t believe that.” —CNN’s Anderson Cooper[14].

More here[15]

I predict a very strong reaction by the base of the GOP to flee the party, stop contributing to the RNC, and groundwork for the start of:  a 3rd Party will swell.

Originally published at The Last Tradition[16]

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