Mark Steyn strikes out against “bullies”, “stooges”, “lily-livered nellies” and “pantywaists”

by Kathy Shaidle | January 5, 2008 9:30 am

Yes, folks, the saga continues up here[1], with Mark Steyn and our oldest magazine forced to face three “Human Rights” Commissions, charged with “Islamophobia”.

The only upside to this farce, which has made Canada (deservedly) an international laughing stock[2], is the scintillating prose[3] we’ve been treated to, as the nation’s finest (conservative) writers[4] take Steyn’s side.

(While they still can… PS: Canada’s much more famous and wealthy left leaning authors have been stone dead silent, as you had guessed.)

Alas, even “sources within the Prime Minister’s office[5]” are resigned to Steyn & Co. losing this case, even though the Prime Minister (before he took office) condemned these very “Human Rights” Commissions as “totalitarian”.

(You idealists who think it necessarily matters when a “conservative” finally wins an election, take note…)

This case matters to Americans, for the same reason the Salman Rushdie case mattered to every decent person: once again, Muslim radicals are trying to silence a writer for speaking hard truths. [6]

His accusers will counter that no one has threatened Steyn’s life or that of the publisher of Maclean’s. (Yet.)

True. But these nuisance complaints, based on completely dubious notions of “rights” (that is, the imaginary “right not to be offended”) represent death by a thousand cuts.

Do you really want a pro-censorship nation existing north of your borders, America?

Please help us fight[7] this thing.

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