May 10, 1940 By Mark Noonan

by John Hawkins | May 10, 2005 9:52 pm

Tom Elia of The New Editor reminds us that on this date in 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister if Great Britain. Coincidentally on this date, Hitler launched his invasion of France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland…within five days the French were completely beaten and shortly thereafter, Britain stood alone against Hitler’s empire. While we honor the magnificent leadership that Churchill showed in World War Two, the plain fact of the matter is that he was handed a lost game and the final result (for Britain) was merely his being able to prevent the utter destruction of Britain.

For 7 years prior to this date in 1940, Winston Churchill had clearly and concisely and with unanswerable argument showed that Hitler was a threat who needed to be opposed, up to and including a pre-emptive attack. With the information available at the time, there was no way to contest Churchill’s views; everyone who opposed his suggested policies vis a vis Nazi Germany was not just in error or mistaken in view, but flat and criminally wrong. Tens of millions of people paid the ultimate price for Britain and the world not paying heed to the man (sometimes completely alone) who identified the problem and proposed the only correct solution.

The lesson of World War Two is that when evil rears it’s head, it must be opposed; not got along with, not worked with, not given forebearance and understanding…opposed, even as far as full-scale war if that proves necessary. No conceivable cost of war when evil is first identified can be greater than the cost of the war you’ll get when evil is strong enough to strike directly at you. President Bush is a man who understands the lesson of World War Two; his political opponents are an example of the unteachability of mankind. With the example of the 20th century fresh before our minds and with the stark reminder of 9/11 to concentrate our thinking, President Bush’s opponents go about as if Hitler never happened.

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