McCain Wins South Carolina

by John Stephenson | January 19, 2008 11:01 pm

McCain wins South Carolina.[1]

Update: Michelle thinks this is the end for Huckabee. [2] I hope so. Jeff Quinton has an excellent post on the Confederate flag factor.[3]

With 82% of precincts[4] reporting, most everyone is calling it for McCain.[5]

The good news is that Lobo lost his bet to me. I won’t be buying a plane ticket to go kiss his butt. Other good news is that I was pretty close in my prediction, though Fred’s third place wasn’t a strong third. He’s headed home [6]now, and gave an early speech[7] that leaves us all wondering if he will drop out or not. On the one hand, most of his supporters want him to hang in there so they can have their chance to vote for him. On the other hand, unless he has some magic he’s been holding out on, remaining in only takes votes away from the more conservative of the liberal candidates. Fred already has my absentee vote for Florida.

If Fred bows out, I think most of his supporters would go to the Romney camp. McCain is an old buddy of his, and might get Fred’s endorsement in the case he does drop out. That wouldn’t sway me however.

If McCain or Huckabee get the nomination, the republican party will divide, and probably lose to the Democrat nominee. With the momentum this win will bring McCain, its getting scary. I’m surprised he fooled so many in South Carolina. I’m surprised that Huckabee did too.

I’ll stick with Fred till he is either the nominee or he bows out. If that happens, I’ll go for anyone but McCain, Huckabee, or Rudy. If any of those three get the nomination conservatism is in for some trials. Lots of people will sit out, and we will end up with a liberal in the White House either way the nation votes. If history serves true on South Carolina results, we will be seeing McCain as our nominee. I’m getting depressed just thinking about that.

Extra: If for some odd reason you think MSNBC has any credentials of being unbiased, take a look at this video [8]and tell me with a straight face that these two goons report news fair, balanced, and unbiased.

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