McCain’s Instincts

by Melissa Clouthier | September 23, 2008 11:52 am

So, I spend the morning telling my friend that Barack Obama is a terrible choice for president even though I have reservations about McCain. And then I read this[1] which quotes George Will who says[2]:

Conservatives who insist that electing McCain is crucial usually start, and increasingly end, by saying he would make excellent judicial selections. But the more one sees of his impulsive, intensely personal reactions to people and events, the less confidence one has that he would select judges by calm reflection and clear principles, having neither patience nor aptitude for either.

It is arguable that, because of his inexperience, Obama is not ready for the presidency. It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency. Unreadiness can be corrected, although perhaps at great cost, by experience. Can a dismaying temperament be fixed?

Will’s supposition is, of course, that Obama’s only problem is inexperience, when I’d argue that his problem is as much temperament as McCain’s problem is temperament. Maybe more. Obama demonstrates an inability to make decisions and a wobbly moral center, if he even has a center. Where McCain has “certitude”, Obama seems unsure even in the simplest difficulties. He can always confer with his advisers though.

This is a tough election for conservatives. There is never a perfect solution when it comes to politicians, but this election seems to have the least perfect solution that has been presented for a long time.

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