Media touts poll blaming Republicans for shutdown, imposes media blackout on Obama’s 37% approval rating

by Samuel Gonzalez | October 13, 2013 10:08 am

To paraphrase Ben Stein

Media bias anyone?


At mid-week the AP published a poll [1]announcing that President Obama’s approval rating had sunk into the 30s at 37%.That evening neither of the broadcast networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC ran a story to report it.The corrupt media totally ignored the

Nedia suck up Chris Matthews[2]

Nedia suck up Chris Matthews


However, President Obama didn’t ignore it and all of a sudden after telling the country that he wasn’t going to “negotiate” with extortionists Republicans, called House leaders to the White House for a meeting to “talk”.

That wasn’t a coincidence!

Then like magic an NBC pol[3]l, that’s right the same news organization that routinely edits video tapes to suit their particular agenda, comes out with a heavily skewed poll (20% of those polled were Fed employees) stating a overwhelming majority of Americans blamed the GOP for the shutdown.And it’s been a non-stop parade of attacking Republicans and Ted Cruz ever since.

Obama 37% approval rating is a non factor!

In fact when I googled “Obama’s 37% approval rating[4]” it generated a measly 103,000 results.: : :  But, when I googled “poll blaming Republicans[5] for shutdown” not only is the bogus NBC poll the first thing that pops up, the search generated an eye popping 132 MILLION results.

This is not objective journalism.It’s a propaganda campaign straight out of the Obama White House in collaboration with an adoring media that will say anything to protect their beloved master.: : 

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