Meet The Agency That Will Be Handing Out Z-Visas Left And Right To Rapists, Murderers, Child Molesters, And Terrorists.

by John Hawkins | May 30, 2007 1:40 pm

One of the “features” of the new amnesty bill in the Senate is that it will immediately grant probationary Z-visas to 12-20 million illegal immigrants…but don’t worry, the Feds will have a full 24 hours to do a background check on each illegal, who may or may not have real documents, be giving their real names, etc.

Wait, did I say, “don’t worry?” Actually, you should be worrying a lot. Read this[1] and you’ll see why,

“As the nation debates whether, and how, to legalize as many as 12 million illegal immigrants living here, the agency that would spearhead the effort is confronting its reputation as a broken bureaucracy whose inefficiency encourages more illegal immigration and paradoxical disincentives to change.

Under the Senate’s proposed immigration legislation, Citizenship and Immigration Services would vet applications and perform security checks for those illegal immigrants — a surge that would be almost triple the agency’s annual caseload of 5 million applications.

…Given the nation’s history of weak enforcement at the border and against companies that hire illegal workers, Citizenship and Immigration’s record as gatekeeper for legal immigrants often goes overlooked. Each year the agency, once known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, awards 1 million green cards, 700,000 naturalizations and 1 million temporary work permits.

Delays have plagued its efforts, however. After peaking at more than 5 million applications in 2003, the agency’s backlog stood at 1.1 million last summer after a five-year, $500 million reduction effort. That includes 140,000 cases not awaiting action by another agency.

…As workloads grew, fees, last revised in 1998, did not keep up. Without money to invest in technology and management improvements, the agency continued to rely on a paper-based filing system from the pre-computer age.

I bolded my favorite part — you know, that, “the agency continued to rely on a paper-based filing system from the pre-computer age.” Let’s see, 12-20 million shady people who are known to rely on forged documents put together with a “broken bureaucracy” that uses a “filing system from the pre-computer age” and 24 hour deadlines for each applicant.

What could go wrong?

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