Melissa Clouthier: The Ike Effect

by rwnadmin | September 15, 2008 11:02 am

My co-blogger, Melissa Clouthier, is a denizen of Houston and unfortunately, that city has been wrecked by Ike. She’s saying that they literally may not have the power on in her area for a month. Therefore, her family is going to be on the road for the next couple of days, moving to greener pastures (temporarily, until Houston pulls it back together).

So, on the upside: she’s just fine — don’t worry about her. However, she probably won’t be able to update at RWN until Thursday. In the interim, if you need your Melissa Clouthier fix, you can read her short posts via IPhone[1] at
her blog[2].

PS: If you’d like to wish her well in the comments section, she will eventually get to see that.

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