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by Skye | September 2, 2008 11:11 pm

So do I, even more so.

A Minute with Amata

After the Vets for Freedom event, I had the distinct pleasure to chat briefly with Amata Coleman Radewagen who is the National Committeewoman for American Samoa. Amata has recently been awarded with the 2008 ILF Visionary Award. Currently, she is seeking a seat in Congress.

A quick read of her biography reveals a woman who is highly educated, involved in her community and tireless grassroots supporter. Her life is one of service to Samoa, her family and the world. She is a role model for women worldwide.

In the spacious lobby of the Union Depot, I sat down with Amata and chatted with her regarding Sarah Palin, her daughter and the hightly anticipated debate between Palin and Biden. She described McCain’s choice of Palin as “She is it! Palin brings brings excitement and energy to the RNC. She is the perfect person for the job”. She will not only make a good VP, it will be working practice for President Palin. She is a good balance to McCain, and both are committed to shaking up Washington.

I quite agree.

When I broached the subject of the daughter’s pregnancy, Amata stated as a mother you bring your children close. She agreed that this is a family issue and not for public consumption. She believed that Palin handled this family issue quite well. When asked if this news had in any way changed the opinion of the delegates, Amata stated that this private family matter will not effect the ticket of McCain/Palin. She further described a meeting she attended with evangelicals and reported that they are even more committed to Palin. With her demonstrated respect for life, she represents the ideals of evangelicals nationwide.

I asked Amata about the upcoming debate(s) between Palin and Biden, her response was classic – “She will mop the floor with Biden”. Biden is representative of the old boy entrenched establishment in DC, Palin is new energy. I anticipate the debate will be interesting and illuminating.

I thank Amata for taking a few minutes to talk to me about this issues surrounding women in the Republican party.

For more information about Amata you can check out her website HERE[1]

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