Mexican Writer Denies Eating Girlfriend By Mike Pechar

by John Hawkins | October 18, 2007 1:00 am

On October 8th, Mexican writer of horror stories, Jose Luis Calva (pic[1]), was arrested after fleeing from police who were investigating strange smells coming from his apartment.

Police were looking into the disappearance of Calva’s girlfriend, Alejandra Galeana, and into cases of the dismembered bodies of two other women, one an ex-girlfriend of Calva.

Investigators believe the strange smells came from decomposing human body parts in Calva’s cupboard and refrigerator and bones in a cereal box. Police also found[2] pieces of lime and partially-cooked human flesh in a frying pan. Interestingly, police additionally discovered the draft of a novel, Cannibalistic Instincts, in his apartment.

While fleeing to avoid apprehension, Calva reportedly was swinging down balconies from his upper-floor apartment and then was hit by a car. He’s recovering in the hospital.

Yesterday, forensic experts reported[3] that the pieces of flesh found in Calva’s apartment are human.

Dr. Rodolfo Rojo, chief medical examiner for Mexico City’s prosecutor’s office, said flesh found on the plate and frying pan in suspect Jose Luis Calva’s apartment corresponded to parts missing from the corpse of his 32-year-old girlfriend, Alejandra Galeana.

When queried by the police, Calva said everything was hazy because of the alcohol and cocaine he had consumed.

In testimony[4] Calva denies murdering his girlfriend, rather, he was hugging her and she died.

“But because of his strength, she fainted. He took her pulse and found she had died. He put her on the bed and then began to think of a way to get rid of the body, and started cutting it up to get rid of it, piece by piece,” the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office said in a statement recounting his testimony.

The statement said Calva claimed he was cooking the flesh to feed to his dogs and stored the severed limbs found in his refrigerator “so they wouldn’t start smelling so quickly.”

He was going to feed the dogs. Pretty sick, eh?

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